is one of the leading scrap metal processing companies in Middle East which is foreign registered company in Saudi Arabia and is aptly accredited by Bureau of International Recycling (Gold) and Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).

We buy all kinds of Electric Transformers, copper cables,aluminium scrap , motors and other non - ferrous metals and export to America, Europe, Korea and India .

S.J.IRON & METALS Co. is one of the acknowledged leaders in dismantling of electric transformers and supply of all non-ferrous metals in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Company has grown in commanding heights in the industry of Copper scrap and Aluminum products in a short time. We have strong, committed , skilled dismantling and loading team who are mainly specialized in dismantling substations, transformers, electrical cables and buy all clean scrap anywhere around the world.

Since our inception we are reputed as the largest Transformer Dismantling Company in the Kingdom.

In short S.J.IRON & METALS is a leading metal exporter and dealer in Saudi Arabia with a fine reputation for quality products and proactive customer service.

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We export Copper scrap in good volume that are dismantled from transformers as well and from...

We export Copper scrap in good volume that are dismantled from transformers as well and from the electrical cables. We supply Bright shiny Mill Berry, Birch Cliff, Berry Mix and Cliff. Copper scrap consist of No.1 bare, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire scrap nodules, chopped or shredded, free of tin, lead, zinc, aluminum, iron, other metallic impurities, insulation and other foreign contamination.



Aluminum scrap includes Aluminum extrusion scraps in alloy in briquetted condition, Talon, Taint Tabor, Tense...

Aluminum scrap includes Aluminum extrusion scraps in alloy in briquetted condition, Talon, Taint Tabor, Tense, Mechanic Trump, Lithosheet and Aluminum Mix Profile. Aluminum Mix profile consists of baled new, clean and painted aluminum extrusions of 6063 alloy only and to be free from sawing, stainless steel, zinc, iron, dirt, oil, grease and other non-metallic items.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel(304/316)

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HMS Scrap

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Motor Scrap

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Electrical Transformers


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Radiator Scrap

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Cables Scrap

About Managment

S J Iron & Metals Co. is the brainchild of Mr. Nazeer Pallivalappil, who has made revolutionary strides in the field of metal processing in Saudi Arabia. The founder of S J Iron & Metals, he has been able to streamline and ensure greater efficiency and quality in this niche industry. Our journey of scrap metals started in year 2000 in Riyadh, being consistent top bidders of electrical transformers which we then dismantled & export the contents out and had become prime supplier of Silicon Electrical Sheets in the region and later diversified to all kinds of non ferrous and ferrous metals.

Nahij Nazeer , General Manager of S J Iron & Metals Co. , Riyadh , contributed immense support in bringing the operations of SJ Metals worldwide . Since it began operations a decade ago , it has been in the news for its ability to dismantle and purchase from major projects across the Kingdom . At S.J.IRON & METALS CO., we identify ideas that show potential and growth and make them practicable. We have the resources to go the distance and nurture ideas from seed to sustainable business. This allows us to offer a more personal approach and guarantees that each and every portfolio company receives our full attention and support on the way to success.

We have been active members of international recycling organizations and built congenial partners around the globe .We provide services that include collection, processing, handling, transporting and tolling the rejected/scrap profiles on behalf of our clients from their customers from middle east and other parts of world.We have two fully equipped scrap processing yards in Riyadh & Bahrain .We also deal in old power plants, transformers , machines , equipments, motors, ferrous & non ferrous scrap metals.

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